Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you hand deliver every document or package?
    -Yes we do. We get on a plane, boat or whatever it takes to get to the destination of your recipient and hand deliver your documents or package and also get confirmation of deliver as well as confirming recipient is the correct recipient.

  2. Do you transport artwork or gemstones?
    -Yes as long as they are not stolen and legal.

  3. What are you prices?
    - Every job is unique and therefore quoted on an individual basis.

  4. Do you escort children or elderly persons?
    - No we don't do.

  5. Do you courier pets?
    - No we don't.

  6. Is there anything you do not courier?
    - Yes we do not transport documents or items of illegal nature or stolen.

  7. Do you guarantee delivery?
    - On 99% of all jobs yes we do. You will need to carry your own insurance on your package.

  8. Can you deliver a locked briefcase or package?
    - No we don't.